Casa Hispana

Casa Hispana brings the study of Spanish to life.
Since 1985, we have provided a warm atmosphere where our instructors foster students to confidently absorb and apply the language.

Casa Hispana teaches only Spanish.
All of our instructors are native speakers with backgrounds in Education. Their skills and experience, along with our method, make it easier for you to learn in a fully Spanish atmosphere, and to express yourself with ease and confidence from the very first day.

Our community

We are a team of native speakers from different parts of the
world bringing unique perspectives to the classroom.

We are the sum of our perspectives.


Profesores y alumnos

Our students have inspired us in the classrooms, in a myriad of ways over the years.
Their stories are our story.


Jennifer Braun

Go for the grammar, learn about the world!

Nina's mom

Nina is feeling confident and strong in her spanish class She has surpassed the level of the other classmates ;). We are very grateful indeed.

Adam Koehler

Very personal yet professional attention is given to each student.

Emma Louis-Dreyfus

Casa Hispana has been a key educational and social resource for me.

Terence Clarke

Sonia and her teachers taught me how to speak Spanish, plain and simple.
One of the best, and most enjoyable, learning experiences I've ever had.

Alyssa Paris

The ambiance is so inviting and culturally-oriented; as soon as you set foot in the door, you are in Argentina or Mexico or Spain…
On a personal level, I have made so many friends at that school.
CH has truly impacted my daily life. Each person there is so dear to me.

Nanette Stringer

Friendly people and a very attractive and welcoming space.
Highly recommended!

Laura Carbonell

My review comes as a teacher who worked here for 17 years! The team is amazing, very committed to language teaching and a unique take on teaching.
Teachers are warm, professional and make the classes fun.
Some students come for a quick refresher before a trip and others stay for years. Classes are not only classes but a social experience to meet new people and enjoy speaking in Spanish.
Working there was like being with a large family. Students who come are among the best people I have met. I was so lucky to belong to this family and still belong.
I believe this is the place to learn Spanish!